Date Time Program
4th September 2020 ½ day

– Welcome and Registration of International and domestic Participants

– Workshop

5th September 2020 8h15-9h45 – Opening Ceremony;

– The general scientific presentation

10h00-12h30 – The scientific presentations (02 conference rooms)
12h30-13h30 – Lunch
13h30-16h00 – The scientific presentations (02 conference rooms) (continue)
19h00 – GALA DINNER (Symposium closing)
6th September 2020 8h00-11h00 – The scientific presentations (Continue)
11h00 – Closing


Symposium design       

This Symposium include scientific reports on Diving safety and Hyperbaric Oxygen application on clinic (Clinical Hyperbaric).


Who should attend?

Doctors working in maritime medicine and hyperbaric and diving medicine and all persons who are interested in diving medicine and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) field.